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"Teach your people how to think, not what to think ." - Sidney Sugarman



Bill RichardsonBill Richardson believes that one of the best ways to create lasting, personal change is through constant support, encouragement and insight of coaching. In his career as a Corporate Coach, Bill Richardson has helped many individuals, teams, communities and organizations revitalize and re-envision their companies' project management strategies and create streamlined processes that continue to produce consistent, significant gains.

Coaching helps clients create far greater success than they could on their own. Most people have the necessary knowledge experience and expertise they need to succeed. But what holds them back from achieving their true potential is a lack of understanding about how the brain works (and how it can work against them). To help his clients deal with these issues, Bill has created the principles of Thinking On Purpose, which exposes the hidden mental obstacles, pitfalls and autopilot thinking that can torpedo even the best efforts at change.

For Bill, it all boils down to one simple truth: If you do not choose your mindset, it will be chosen for you - most likely to your detriment. By teaching people how to think on purpose - that is, with intentionality and awareness - Bill helps his clients create a mindset that works for them, rather than against them. As a result, whole new worlds of opportunity open up, and clients are able to succeed to their fullest potential in life and in their careers.

Corporate Trainer

Bill Richardson believes that success is largely determined by mindset, and that if you do not choose your mindset intentionally, a mindset will be chosen for you - one that may not be to your best advantage. As a result, hidden obstacles, mental blocks and autopilot thinking can wreak havoc on the best-laid plans and the soundest decisions. These mental "Mindfields" can create roadblocks to success that appear both inexplicable and impossible to avoid.

However, Thinking On Purpose - that is, thinking with intentionality and awareness - is the antidote to automatic and habitual thinking. As a Corporate Trainer, Bill Richardson brings over 30 years of experience in the Project Management industry together with the principles of Thinking On Purpose to create a powerful set of tools and resources for your team.

Through intensive workshops and courses, Bill Richardson's goal is to put leadership back into project management by putting the Thinking On Purpose toolkit into the hands of every project manager on the planet. His energetic and in-depth presentations ensure that every participant leaves with the insight, information and inspiration they need to break through the barriers of automatic thinking and succeed to their fullest potential.


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